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We offer a full range of services in GCP, GLP, and GMP compliance from development through commercialization

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Helping clients comply fully with Health Canada, FDA, EMEA, ISO 9001/13485/14644/17025, and WHO regulatory requirements

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At GxP Cellators, we are industry leaders in implementing advanced best practice models, standards, and regulations. Our expertise in this area enables us to deliver exceptional value to private and public clients. Our mission-critical approach ensures that we consistently exceed our clients’ expectations and set new industry standards. We take great pride in our reputation for excellence and extend a warm invitation for you to experience it firsthand.

Welcome to GxP Cellators

GxP Cellators is a reputable consulting firm that offers quality and regulatory services to various industries, including pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and cannabis. The company retains a team of highly qualified experts who possess the requisite knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their respective fields. GxP Cellators distinguishes itself by providing exceptional services in product development, submissions, and company-wide change management. Their extensive subject matter expertise in regulatory affairs, quality assurance/control, and clinical development ensures that they deliver relevant and valuable outcomes. Furthermore, GxP Cellators customizes its services to meet clients’ specific needs, and this approach has proven effective and cost-efficient. As such, the company has earned a reputation as one of the leading consulting firms, and it is a preferred choice for businesses seeking exceptional services.

Our Services

Our unique approach and strategies are one of the most admirable parts of our services. Our professionals are well-versed in the current practices, regulations, and guidelines, which enables them to deliver the desired results with enhanced productivity and minimize business risks.

Cleanroom Commissioning and Qualifications

Our team comprises skilled validation specialists with extensive experience in facility design, layout preparation, and commissioning and validation.


Quality Support

We design a robust quality management system per our client’s needs. We offer a full range of services in GLP, GCP, and GMP compliance from development through commercialization.


Regulatory Support

Leverage our years of experience working with Health Canada to navigate and expedite your company’s Canadian regulatory affairs program. Leverage our years of experience working with Health Canada


What our customers are saying about us

We have had the privilege of partnering with GxP Cellators for the past five years, during which time they have provided invaluable oversight of our quality and regulatory programs. Their expertise was instrumental in setting up our parent manufacturing site, which currently meets FDA and Health Canada-GMP standards. We are pleased to report that GxP Cellators is now assisting us in establishing a second manufacturing site that will generate GMP-grade CBD Isolates for clinical use. This is an exciting development for our research, and we are grateful for the continued support of GxP Cellators in this endeavour.

CEO & President, Pharmaceutical Company CDMO

We engaged GxP Cellators to assist us with preparing for an FDA Inspection, and we could not have been more impressed with their services. The team demonstrated a high degree of diligence and thoroughness, ensuring that all of our documentation was in order and that all necessary CAPAs had been implemented. Additionally, they took the time to provide invaluable coaching to our staff on CAPAs and interview techniques. We found the consultants to have an impressive range of skills and knowledge, which proved immensely beneficial to our organization. Overall, we highly recommend GxP Cellators to organizations seeking professional and effective assistance preparing for regulatory inspections.

SVP Clinical Development, Biopharmaceutical Company

We received excellent assistance from GxP Cellators in creating the CSV documentation necessary for validating computerized systems such as NovaLimbs, e-QMS Vault, and the ERP system. The consultants we worked with were highly knowledgeable about recent regulatory requirements and were proactive in keeping us informed. GxP Cellators completed the project well within the agreed-upon timeline. Overall, we were delighted with their work.

VP of I.T., Drug Development Company “Chemo-Space”

GxP Cellators oversees the quality and regulatory operations of our GMP-transition project. They designed the required quality management system and validation documentation for Phase 1 and we’re now in Phase 2. The project is going smoothly. Great job, GxP Cellators team!

CEO & CSO, Pharmaceutical CDMO

Our organization contracted GxP Cellators for technical writing services on laboratory investigations, which helped us close open cases promptly with expert technical and regulatory advice. We signed a multi-year contract with GxP Cellators for regular quality support and staff mentoring on regulatory standards.

President, Biotechnology Startup-CDMO

The expertise of GxP Cellators was instrumental in facilitating our site readiness programs. Their contributions included the design of site validation documentation and the development of regulatory strategies for our manufacturing operations. The team’s professionalism and focus on results were highly commendable and contributed to the successful completion of our program. We wholeheartedly endorse GxP Cellators and their services.

Director of Laboratory Operations, Biotechnology CDMO

Our experience with GxP Cellators has been highly positive. The team at GxP Cellators provided us with invaluable assistance in redesigning our Quality Management System (QMS), which proved instrumental in successfully submitting our class-III medical devices application to the regulatory body. Throughout the QMS redesign process, we were introduced to a team of highly competent and experienced consultants who approached our project with the utmost diligence and professionalism. Their proactive approach enabled us to establish the necessary standard and obtain the ISO 13485 certification, which was crucial in gaining approval for our class III medical devices. We are grateful for the expertise and guidance provided by GxP Cellators and would highly recommend their services to other organizations needing similar assistance.

CTO, Medical Device Company

Our Blogs

Our team’s extensive expertise in regulatory affairs, quality assurance/control, and clinical development allows us to make impactful changes. By offering tailored and timely services to our clients, we have been able to deliver effective and cost-efficient solutions.

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GxP Cellators is committed to upholding the highest quality standards in its services. We are fully dedicated to meeting all applicable regulations, statutory requirements, and customer specifications, ensuring our clients receive the best possible service.

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