Cleanroom commissioning and qualifications

Our team includes validation specialists with extensive expertise in facility designing, facility layout preparations, and commissioning and validation of pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities. We offer clients complete validation packages, starting with building and implementing master validation plans and strategies, to validation project management and executions. The company designs validation plans for plant utilities and equipment qualification programs.


Cleanroom commissioning and qualifications

The purpose of every cleanroom is to control the environment by limiting the presence of sub-micron particles and modifying inadequate environmental conditions. We help our clients design, commission, and qualify the cleanroom areas as per ISO 14644, and Health Canada standards. Our prime services are:

How we help in your cleanroom(s) readiness program


Planning Phase

Finalizing the proposed cleanroom(s) design


Planning Documentation

Designing of user requirement specifications, validation plans for the cleanroom(s) utilities


Qualification Phase

Validation of cleanroom(s) utilities


Qualification Phase

Qualification of the cleanroom(s) areas “Installation, Operational and Performance Qualification”


Qualification phase

Execution of environmental monitoring and routine cleaning programs


Cleanroom(s) release and periodic re-qualifications

Cleanroom(s) release and support during the routine cleanroom operation and periodic re-qualification

Modular cleanrooms

Modular cleanrooms are portable, freestanding structures that can withstand the high volume of airflow required to achieve ISO-classified, ultra-clean environments. Unlike cleanrooms in a fixed, permanent position, modular cleanrooms are mobile cleanrooms that can be extended or relocated. We help our clients during

  • Modular cleanroom(s) designing.
  • Modular cleanroom(s) commissioning & qualifications
  • Modular cleanroom(s) cleaning & environment monitoring

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