Our Services

Our Services

Our unique approach and strategies are one of the most admirable parts of our services. Our professionals are knowledgeable with the current practices, regulations and guidelines that help them deliver the result with enhanced productivity along with ensuring no business risks.

We are committed to ensuring our clients’ success by providing them with the highest quality consulting services. We focus on delivering cost-effective solutions while maintaining exceptional technical capabilities and customer service for all projects, ranging from supplier quality audits to greenfield initiatives. We offer scalable services tailored to each client’s needs, whether they require a support technician, an experienced Subject Matter Expert, a single consultant, or a Managed Services Team. Our team guarantees superior professionalism and quality that you can rely on. GxP Cellators is dedicated to solving complex challenges. Our experienced compliance consulting professionals will collaborate with your team to identify potential risks and provide recommendations to mitigate those risks. We will work with you to implement improvement plans and address any troubles.

From early concept development to each clinical phase, product launch, and commercialization, our Quality and Compliance Consultants partner with clients worldwide to ensure that regulatory expectations are met, business goals are achieved, and patient health and safety are assured and improved. Our diverse team of qualified subject matter experts (SMEs) has worked with large international corporations, small research companies, and authorities such as FDA, EMA, MHRA, and national competent authorities. We are committed to delivering high-quality services and driving operational excellence. Our passion for excellence and ability to be nimble ensures that our consulting services exceed our clients’ expectations. GxP Cellators performs quality and compliance consulting activities in all GxP areas. Our consultants have extensive management and operational experience in at least one GxP area (GMP, GDP, GVP, GCP, GLP, GCLP, and IT/CSV) and often in multiple areas of expertise. Trust GxP Cellators to provide you with the quality and compliance consulting services you need to succeed in the highly regulated Life Science industry.

Cleanroom Commissioning and Qualifications

Our team includes validation specialists with extensive expertise in facility designing, facility layout preparations, and commissioning and validation


Quality Support

We design a robust quality management system per our client’s needs. We offer a full range of services in GLP, GCP, and GMP compliance from development through commercialization.


Regulatory Support

Leverage our years of experience working with Health Canada to navigate and expedite your company’s Canadian regulatory affairs program. Leverage our years of experience working with Health Canada


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